Who we are

Our mission

Kitchup offers a whole new cooking and dining experience! We connect passionate suppliers with hungry customers in the local community and provide intuitive online tools so that anyone and everyone can browse and order fresh meals. We offer a unique opportunity for conveniently creating new culinary experiences.

About us

Home-cooked cuisine – it’s more than just a passion, it also means quality. In today's jungle of mass-produced food offerings, it’s easy to get lost, not knowing what exactly goes into the food we eat. The truth is, we can only be certain when making a meal from scratch. And we’re not alone! There are many people like us who believe that mealtime is about much more than satisfying hunger; we want to enjoy customized products, feast on new flavors, try out new meal types, share ideas, and get inspired by those around us – all with the absolute clarity of knowing what exactly we’re eating. There’s only one way to ‘have your cake and eat it, too’ – and that’s with handcrafted meals prepared by caring suppliers.

Plus, everyone has a seat at the table! The goal of Kitchup is not only to connect foodies and conscious eaters. Quite simply, it enables people everywhere to enjoy fresh, handcrafted food that will delight the senses. Because you can taste quality!

Mareika Arnold

Founder / Product Owner

Cooks best:

Tomato sauce, beef fillet, fried potatoes and tzatziki

Likes to order:

Roasts, salads and cookies

Caroline Steiger

HR / Assistance

Cooks best:

Valais Rösti, Peruvian Lomo Saltado, Mexican Fajitas and Thai Curry

Likes to order:

Indian and Arabic food and burgers

Julien Koch

Quality Assurance Lead

Cooks best:

Chicken Teriyaki, Farmer's stew, ribs with curd, potatoes and sauerkraut

Likes to order:

Pizza, Burger and Pitas

Muriel Ayari

Content Manager

Cooks best:

Moroccan couscous and asian woks

Likes to order:

Breads and pastries, asian und oriental dishes

Ivan Musiyovskyy

Software developer

Cooks best:

Canned vegetables, smoked meat and fish, snacks

Likes to order:

Soups and burgers