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4 refreshing reasons to order from Kitchup

Skip the shopping, stovetop struggle, cleanup, and staff management. Kitchup makes it easy to feast on fresh, homemade dishes from passionate local cooks, with both delivery and take-away available!
1 Crafty Cooks, Delicious Dishes!

Crafty Cooks, Delicious Dishes!

Kitchup cooks are passionate about cooking. Real ratings affirm the quality of each cook.
2 Crafty Cooks, Delicious Dishes!

Food Safety

We provide detailed webinars to ensure that cooks are confident in adhering to professional hygiene standards in the kitchen.
3 Plan Meals and Save Time

Plan Meals and Save Time

With Kitchup, you can order several meals in advance from multiple cooks with a single checkout – saving time and stress.
4 Made Just for You

Made Just for You

You're one-of-a-kind – don't settle for mass-produced meals made who-knows-when! Kitchup dishes are made to order fresh and according to your unique needs.
Got mad skills in the kitchen?

Make money with your passion for cooking.

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How it works

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Find local cooks.
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Order delicious handcrafted dishes from online menus.
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Schedule delivery or arrange a pickup time from the cook's home.
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Chow down on fresh, homemade food prepared just for you!