What is Kitchup?

Kitchup enables ambitious people to sell their self-prepared food locally in a simple way. People who want to savor every bite of local handcrafted creations can order products easily and enjoy more mindful mealtimes. Kitchup suppliers work independently and decide everything on their own: what they supplier, how much prep time they need, what price they consider appropriate, whether they offer menus once or regularly, and much more. Kitchup is THE platform for everyone who loves high-quality food!


    Where is Kitchup available?

    We are happy to announce our launch in the cities of Zurich, Zug and Lucerne. Though we are focusing on these urban centers for now, there may well be suppliers registered and offering menus in other parts of Switzerland, too. Because of Kitchup's unique history, the great canton of Nidwalden – which allowed us to test our concept with a prototype – is the only rural area and entire canton that has been on board from the beginning. But stay tuned as Kitchup continues to expand!

    How is Kitchup different from other food ordering platforms?

    The most obvious difference is that you as a customer can order handcrafted food. The selection is as diverse as your neighborhood. Instead of ordering the same old meals that often come from industrially standardized menus, you can finally feast on home-cooked food – without having to cook yourself. Furthermore, you know who prepared your food. A face behind the meal creates trust and authenticity! But it gets even better: There is no minimum order value, and you can order from as many suppliers as you like with a single checkout. This makes it easy to plan your meals in advance – a huge advantage that’s new to the Swiss food ordering market!

    How does Kitchup ensure the hygiene of the suppliers?

    Believe us – with reputations on the line, the suppliers are often more concerned about this than the customers! In our webinar, which is mandatory for all suppliers, we go over all legal requirements that exist, along with additional recommendations for ensuring safe kitchen practices. The rating system is also an essential tool, as customers can taste quality – and lack thereof. This encourages suppliers to commit to hygienic food prep and care.

    Why can't I pay cash?

    Paying online is safer and easier! To simplify the payment process and ensure that it runs smoothly, we have opted for online payment processing only. This allows us to protect the customers as well as the suppliers, so you can enjoy the experience without worry.

    Why do I have to order so long in advance for some suppliers?

    Sufficient lead time allows the suppliers to be able to buy and prepare the food fresh. This process can also reduce food waste considerably, which is a major problem in traditional restaurant and catering practices.

    Why doesn't it show me all the menus?

    The menus displayed depend on the selected location. By default, it always shows menus in Zurich. You can change your location in the header at the top left by clicking on the location icon. This way you can also see what Lucerne, Zug or Stans have to offer!

    Can I cancel my order after the order deadline?

    Yes, you can cancel your order at any time. Please note that if you cancel after the order has closed, we can only refund the Kitchup commission.


    What are the requirements to register as a supplier at Kitchup?

    You LOVE cooking – and you're good at it! If you often get raving reviews about your food from friends and family, then what is your excuse NOT to become a Kitchup suppliers?

    I live outside the defined Kitchup market area. Can I still register as a supplier?

    Yes. We currently do not have any technical geographical restrictions for providers. However, at this point it will be more difficult for you to successfully sell your offerings outside of the featured urban areas, simply based on demand. With that in mind, should you still want to put your offer online, it's best to spread the word locally: tell people about your new favorite website, post about Kitchup, and tag us on your social media channels to generate local interest. Of course, we will also base our future marketing activities on how many people are already interacting with Kitchup in a given geographical area, so it may prove worthwhile in the long run!

    How much time do I have to invest as a Kitchup supplier?

    That's entirely up to you! Whether you want to try it once or use it as a regular side job, you're the head chef when it comes to setting your availability.

    What can I sell on Kitchup?

    Are you the boss of banana bread? A spaghetti superstar? Or maybe the MVP of mashed potatoes and roast? Kitchup suppliers set their own menus. Products can be as basic or as complex as you feel comfortable. As long as the product complies with food laws, you can sell it.

    How does delivery/pickup work?

    You can deliver the food yourself or have it delivered by a third party. Not interested in traveling across town? No worries! You decide within which radius from your location the food can be ordered for delivery. In addition, you have the option of offering food as take-away, allowing the customer to come pick it up.

    What containers and packaging should I use to serve the food?

    We recommend using disposable packaging and environmentally friendly alternatives, for which there are already many options. If you offer take-away, customers also have the option of bringing their own food container.

    What does it cost to register as a Kitchup supplier?

    Nothing. Nada. Niente. You can list as many menus as you like. Only after you have sold an order do you pay a commission of 22%. This is calculated on the basis of your earnings and is not deducted from the total price of the menu.

    Total price per menu: CHF 10.00
    Your earnings: CHF 8.20
    Kitchup fee: CHF 1.80

    In your profile settings, you can determine and enter the delivery fees yourself in addition to the menu price. The delivery fees will be transferred to you in full.
    If you don't sell anything, you don't pay anything.

    Can customers pay me in cash?

    Nowadays, paying online is commonplace for almost everyone. This allows customers to pay for their meal in advance via their preferred payment provider without getting into unpleasant situations, like not having the money ready when the food is delivered, or being altogether short on cash. With online payments (credit card or PayPal), we can ensure that you get your money. For this, we need your bank details so that we can transfer your earnings to you.

    How and when do I get paid?

    suppliers are paid once a week. Earnings are transferred in a single lump sum that reflects all orders completed during the established settlement period (Saturday to Friday). Please note: this reflects completed orders according to delivery date, not the day the order was placed.
    Payments are transferred to the bank account specified by the supplier, and there is no minimum amount required for a transfer.

    Can I set the price of my creations myself and if so, how should I calculate the price?

    Yes, of course. All roads lead to Rome, and thus there are lots of ways to get to the perfect price calculation. The shortcut, which is commonly used in gastronomy, is to calculate the purchase price for the menu ingredients times 3, but this is just one technique. At the end of the day, you can set the price based on what you feel is fair for your menu

    Is it possible to temporarily set my profile to 'inactive', e.g., because I am on holiday?

    If you do not have any active menus online, then you will not be listed. So, you do not need to do anything at all.

    Can I cancel an order if I cannot cook that day?

    There may be situations when you have to cancel an order, and we trust that you understand how unpleasant this is for everyone involved. Therefore, please try and cancel the order as early as possible to avoid upsetting your customers. If you must cancel an order, the total price will be refunded to the customer.

    How do I know what the food safety and hygiene rules are?

    After registering as a supplier, you will have access to our online training section. There, you will find several webinars on various topics. Reviewing the video on hygiene is mandatory and must be completed before adding a menu to the Kitchup platform. If you follow these guidelines, you are on the safe side.

    What do I have to declare?

    The origin of meat in Switzerland must be declared upon request. We recommend providing this information proactively when adding menus into the system. To avoid any uncertainty, we also recommend keeping meat packaging labels for up to 72 hours after delivery.

    How do I get lots of customers?

    If you have uploaded a nice profile picture of yourself and regularly offer menus, there's a good chance that customers will notice and begin placing orders. Plus, consistently getting good ratings can build trust with other potential customers, boosting your chances of receiving more orders.

    How can I make my profile more attractive?

    Choose a friendly, authentic portrait picture of yourself. Your profile should let customers get to know you better, so include why you participate on the platform, what is important to you when cooking, and what makes you stand out as a supplier.

    Can I link my own website / webshop or mention another website?

    Publishing a foreign URL in your profile, profile and/or business name, or menu card is against our terms and conditions and therefore not allowed. Mentioning offers outside the Kitchup platform is also in violation of our terms and conditions. You can edit your official business name, which is also listed in the commercial register, in the profile settings

    Is it possible to communicate with the customer after the order is received?

    Yes, you can send messages to them.

    Do I get support from Kitchup if I have problems with a customer?

    Of course. We try to mediate as fairly as possible, ensuring a positive experience for both the suppliers and the customers. Please contact us immediately if something does not go smoothly.

    How am I legally covered?

    Especially in the beginning, your turnover will probably still be low. This means that your participation on Kitchup will be considered a leisure activity, most likely covered by your liability insurance. If you start having larger turnover, we recommend that you contact your liability insurance company and check any social insurance registration requirements with your cantonal compensation office.

    Are there any requirements for the sale of food from the private sector?

    Each canton in Switzerland has its own food laws, including requirements concerning hygiene. However, the classification of commercial food production has not been clearly defined by the legislator. In the Kitchup hygiene video, which is mandatory for registered suppliers, we bring an enormous amount of know-how to the suppliers, sharing ways to ensure proper hygiene during food prep, regardless of cantonal laws. With that said, the webinar does not replace compliance with specific cantonal regulations.

    How can I ensure compliance with the Covid-19 regulations of the BAG?

    The following link provides updated protection concepts for the catering industry. As a minimum, we recommend studying the document "Fragen und Antworten zum Schutzkonzept", which is regularly updated by gastrosuisse.ch. This document is only available in German, French, and Italian. For English speakers, we strongly recommend using a reputable translation tool, like the Google Translate extension in Chrome or DeepL, if needed for full comprehension.